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There are tons of videos to help computing students with skills from graphics editing to databases.

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Computer Science Posters

To help students understand some of the concepts of computer science, here are a few posters that you may want to put up on your wall displays. If you like these, please share and link back to this site.

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Complete Computing Units

Hopefully there will soon be complete computing units to download with lesson plans and levelling sheets for teachers. Check back soon!

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FREE – Python Beginners Workbook for Secondary Schools

Check out the popular and free Python beginners workbook for students with easy to understand examples and tasks for students to complete. Lookout for book 2 coming soon for more advanced Python skills!

Crowd Sourced Computer Science Tests!

We want to measure student progress but it can be hard at times when testing programming skills or theory topics. Using Google Forms, I have begun creating tests for different topics. Check out some of the tests already available from myself and of those contributed by other teachers. Join in and share some of your great tests!

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