2010-Unit 1-AO1

AO1 is about health and safety within the workplace. You need to understand how safe working practices are applied in a business environment.You will need to be able to explain fully, with examples, a wide range of safe working practices when using ICT in a business environment. Their explanations will include the potential danger that each measure is designed to address.

Download the task template

Look at the videos below. Click on the expand button to make the videos full screen.

The videos below provide a very good idea about safe working practices in the workplace. Watch them and follow the instructions below.

Health and Safety Video 1(Old School) ;-] Health & safety Video 2(a little bit less old school) Protecting files from loss or damage
Encrypting Sensitive Data fromunauthorised access  Another data security video  A good video about posture for health
Another video about work healthand safety Retro video about office hazards that could physically harm someone
BBC Bitesize Health and Safety BBC Bitesize Data Security Risks of Using ICT (Viruses)


Now that you have seen the rest, check out this video starring Mr. Mulla!

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  1. It is a very good website indeed. My question is that I managed to download Assignment folder for the ‘2010-Unit 1-AO1’ from this site but can not open any of its file!
    It has xml file type and just can not find software that can open it. Can email me Word copy or let me know the way to open the files.

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