Computer Science Posters

With the change in British Curriculum, we will be adding lessons in various programming languages. Browse through the resources and see what is on offer and what you could learn through languages such as Python, Small Basic and Java.

To help students understand some of the concepts of computer science, here are a few posters that you may want to put up on your wall displays. If you like these, please share and link back to this site.

more coming soon!


Variables - Variables While Loops - While Loops

Download “Variables Poster (Python)” 51e15c7c-017c-4807-9515-28ad0a00510f – Downloaded 234 times – 102 kB

Download “While Loops Poster (Python)” 51e15bf8-d30c-4420-8c75-11df0a005f89 – Downloaded 193 times – 45 kB

For Loops Poster - For Loops Strings - New Page

Download “For Loops Poster (Python)” 51e15d27-4278-4ae1-9eb4-24790a0015ee – Downloaded 263 times – 52 kB

Download “Strings Poster (Python)” 51e1906c-7240-43f0-8928-50db0a000d31 – Downloaded 118 times – 39 kB

If statements - New Page Comparitve_Operators - New Page

Download “If Statements Poster (Python)” 51e25cba-f7d0-4938-91a4-55140a0087e3 – Downloaded 143 times – 67 kB

Download “Comparative Operators Poster (Python)” 51ee4834-baec-43ab-ba5a-19920a004235 – Downloaded 126 times – 53 kB

Lists_poster Python Functions(Number Machines) - New Page

Download “Lists Poster (Python)” 51ee584c-be58-48fb-890d-41570a004235 – Downloaded 129 times – 254 kB

Download “Functions Poster (Python)” image.png – Downloaded 308 times – 398 kB

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    • amulla Reply

      Thank you for highlighting the issue.
      I have tested it and I can’t figure out why this is.
      If you add .PDF to the name of the file it works.
      I have now made it a PNG image file

  1. Tom Curran Reply

    These posters are ideal for explaining abstract concepts to young people. Thank you for this excellent resource.

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