Python Basics Video Series in 60 seconds or less!

I know that some students can find following written tutorials difficult and everyone learns at a different pace. I’m working on this series to help students (or would be coders) to learn some of the basics in bite-sized videos of 60 seconds or less! I am using the website to code because it makes more »

The len() Function

The Len Function This function is extremely useful and often comes up in coursework tasks. It is used to work out how many characters have been used in a string or another type of object. Look and run the code below to see a simple example.   TASK Try this for yourself by editing the more »

IF Statements Lesson 1

An If statement is a control structure. We use if statements to programme an automatic response from a computer. Think about an every day device such as a fire alarm in your house. An if statement is programmed into the device memory to beep loudly if it detects carbon monoxide. Look at the flow chart below. more »

Indexing Strings

we can use indexing to help us find characters or words in a string. This is especially useful if we are looking for something in a paragraph or a variable.