The len() Function

The Len Function This function is extremely useful and often comes up in coursework tasks. It is used to work out how many characters have been used in a string or another type of object. Look and run the code below to see a simple example.   TASK Try this for yourself by editing the more »

IF Statements Lesson 1

An If statement is a control structure. We use if statements to programme an automatic response from a computer. Think about an every day device such as a fire alarm in your house. An if statement is programmed into the device memory to beep loudly if it detects carbon monoxide. Look at the flow chart below. more »

Indexing Strings

we can use indexing to help us find characters or words in a string. This is especially useful if we are looking for something in a paragraph or a variable.

We have started a wiki to help GCSE computing students. It is a work in progress and is constantly being updated. We are also looking for teachers that may want to contribute and develop the project. Please contact us via the contact form at the bottom of the homepage.

Python Beginners Workbook

The Python Beginners Workbook for Secondary School is a great resources to introduce pupils to the concepts of Programming using the Python language. It has been prepared in order to simplify programming concepts for those who have no experience at all. Feel free to download using the link below and use with your students. The more »

Computational Thinking Puzzles

Light-Bot 1 & 2 In this puzzle, you need to think computationally to finish each level. Once you get to the more advanced stages, you have to use functions to give less instruction but repeat code. Click here to try Light-Bot 2.0 Click here to try light-bot 1 Click here to try gold collector Click here to try more »

Python Basics

I will be building up child friendly lessons in Python basics slowly in the coming weeks. Here is the first lesson in the series.

Raspberry Pi Inventions

In this section I hope to include snippets of code, ideas from yourselves and some projects that our students have worked on. I will also link to things I find around the web that I think you (teachers & students) will use to help you better understand how to programme with the raspberry Pi. The more »

Learn Programming with Minecraft Pi Edition

The makers of Minecraft, Mojang have released a free version of the game for the Raspberry Pi. We will be using this in our classes to help students develop their skills in Python. Before starting these tutorials, students would first have to have some knowledge of how to use Python.   Tutorials coming soon!

Computer Science Posters

With the change in British Curriculum, we will be adding lessons in various programming languages. Browse through the resources and see what is on offer and what you could learn through languages such as Python, Small Basic and Java. To help students understand some of the concepts of computer science, here are a few posters more »