Python | Raspberry Pi

RPI Club lesson 1

This first lesson in the series looks at how to set the raspberry pi up and gets students started with a basic challenge of making an LED flash.For this lesson you will need: An LED A resistor Some breadboard jumper wires (You will need to focus on check the voltage required for your LEDs and more »

CS | Python

Python to Java?

Are you trying to learn Java after learning Python? Python is a great programming language to begin learning with because it can be so easy to code syntax in Python. Java, on the other hand, contains a lot more syntax and many people (including myself) have given up trying to learn. I have found Java more »

CS | Python

Python Basics Video Series in 60 seconds or less!

I know that some students can find following written tutorials difficult and everyone learns at a different pace. I’m working on this series to help students (or would be coders) to learn some of the basics in bite-sized videos of 60 seconds or less! I am using the website to code because it makes more »