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OCR Unit 2 – AO6 – Testing

In this assessment objective, you must test your website to see if there are any errors. read the slideshow below to get an idea of how it can be done and what is required. Also do not forget you can use the past exempler folder in the unit 2 homepage to help you with the more »

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Unit 2 – AO3

In this Assessment objective you are required to create the links to all the pages on your website and at least on external hyperlink. At Merit/distinction level you also need to create an email link and a hotspot. To be able to achieve anything more than a pass, you need to make sure that your more »

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OCR Unit 2 AO2

Creating your website In this Assessment Objective you will need to create your website pages. It is important to take the correct steps here otherwise you may run into difficulties later. At this point you must have designs for all your pages. you will need to use these are a plan to create each page. more »