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Crowd Sourced Computer Science Tests!

We want to measure student progress but it can be hard at times when testing programming skills or theory topics. Using Google Forms, I have begun creating tests for different topics. Check out some of the tests already available from myself and of those contributed by other teachers. Join in and share some of your more »

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Computer Science Posters

UPDATE 22/01/2018 – All download links should now be working. Sorry for any previous issues. To help students understand some of the concepts of computer science, here are a few posters that you may want to put up on your wall displays. I try to make understanding some of the concepts easy for Python Learners.

For Teachers

A google a day – Lesson Starter

A great idea for a lesson starter is to have the website on the interactive white board. If possible get a timer on the screen at the same time. Most IWBs have a widget for a timer, or you could always run a timer off a website like e.ggtimer.