1. Access 2016 Basics Videos Series Intro

This series of tutorials is aimed at my BTEC ICT students studying the 2016 unit 2 of the Nationals spec. It aims to help students prepare for the Unit 2 controlled assessment exam. If I’ve left out anything useful, please do add this in the comments and I will strive to add it (if I more »

3. Creating relationships

Creating Relationships Relationships in a database are important to reduce redundancy. have a look at the following slides to see why normalisation is important. More to follow on normalisation and the different stages to normalise data. Tutorials in the series:  

5. Simple Queries

Simple Queries I referred to the Microsoft website for reference while creating queries in this video.   Tutorials in the series:  

4. Validation rules and input masks

validation rules and input masks To help me with the validation rules and input masks on this video, I used the Microsoft reference site.   Tutorials in the series:      

3. 5 Importing Datasets

Importing Datasets In this video, I demonstrate how to import data from a text file and give examples of how to append data to an existing table and add data to a new table. below are the datasets I used in my databases. Customers dataset – – This has been randomly generated using the website more »