CIDA Developing web Products Walkthrough

The purpose of this series of videos is to help students with the skills for the CIDA website exam. The exam is usually very similar in style and requires a standard set of skills that students should know. These videos cover the simple skill set required to help students pass this 2 and a half more »

While Loops

While Loops are similar to for loops because they repeat segments of code. However in a for loop, you specify how many times a segment of code should repeat. With a while loop, you need to set the condition to make the code stop repeating the specified segment. Setting the condition is similar to that more »

3.6 Normalising data Access 2016

In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to normalise data from a text file dataset into separate tables using Table analyzer in Access 2016. text file available for download below the video. Videos in Series

Input in Python in 60 seconds or less!

  Input allows a user to add data to a variable for use later in the programme. This is great if you want to ask the user for anything such as their age or anything else! by default Python always assumes all input data is a string datatype. To change this wrap the input function within more »

Concatenation in Python in 60 seconds or less!

  Concatenation is about joining different types of objects in Python together. Python classes different datatypes inside a print function as objects. Python can’t handle different datatypes (or objects) at one time unless all objects are the same datatype. We can use the int()function to convert string objects to an integer for example. x = more »