Computer Science Posters

With the change in British Curriculum, we will be adding lessons in various programming languages. Browse through the resources and see what is on offer and what you could learn through languages such as Python, Small Basic and Java.

To help students understand some of the concepts of computer science, here are a few posters that you may want to put up on your wall displays.

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more coming soon!


Variables - Variables While Loops - While Loops

Download “Variables Poster (Python)” lZee3 – Downloaded 1915 times –

Download “While Loops Poster (Python)” WhileLoops.pdf – Downloaded 1352 times – 48 KB

For Loops Poster - For Loops Strings - New Page

Download “For Loops Poster (Python)” lZdzC – Downloaded 1255 times –

Download “Strings Poster (Python)” Strings.pdf – Downloaded 641 times – 43 KB

If statements - New Page Comparitve_Operators - New Page

Download “If Statements Poster (Python)” If-statements.pdf – Downloaded 942 times – 71 KB

Download “Comparative Operators Poster (Python)” Comparitve_Operators.pdf – Downloaded 870 times – 58 KB

Lists_poster Python Functions(Number Machines) - New Page

Download “Lists Poster (Python)” lZcUn – Downloaded 1289 times –

Download “Functions Poster (Python)” Python-FunctionsNumber-Machines.pdf – Downloaded 2413 times – 51 KB

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    • Thank you for highlighting the issue.
      I have tested it and I can’t figure out why this is.
      If you add .PDF to the name of the file it works.
      I have now made it a PNG image file

  1. Hello, some of the pictures when downloaded can’t be read. the words are riding on themselves.
    while loops
    comparative operators
    if statements
    These four are downloaded wrong.
    Please is it possible to receive them in email ?
    my email is
    Otherwise, there are very nice.

    • Hi all,

      Thank you for pointing out the error in the posters. I have now corrected and updated the download links. I hope they are useful for your classrooms.

  2. Hi !

    I like what you are doing, I tried to download them but on my Adobe XI, the sentences are not well displayed and it is unreadable! 🙁

    Could you please check it?



  3. I can’t get the functions poster to download it tells me Forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/uploads/dlm_uploads/2014/01/Python-FunctionsNumber-Machines.pdf on this server.

    Can you let me know when you sort it? or would it be possible to e-mail it to me?

  4. Hi,

    These look brilliant. Great work!

    I’m getting 403 forbidden errors on all the local links. ForLoops and Variables work fine, as they points to adify.


  5. Hi,

    I see you fixed most of the links, thanks :). The one containing Lists is still linking to a PDF that is unreadable (the text lines are all on top of each other).


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