Crowd Sourced Computer Science Tests!

We want to measure student progress but it can be hard at times when testing programming skills or theory topics. Using Google Forms, I have begun creating tests for different topics. Check out some of the tests already available from myself and of those contributed by other teachers. Join in and share some of your great tests!

I would really love for any teachers out there to help contribute to this project. I have also shared the idea on Computing At School forums and hope that members can get behind this idea.

Google Forms enables us to create creative and fun quizzes easily. The tests are all self-marking!


Crowd-Sourced Computing Tests

Click on the button here to see some of the tests for yourself and join me in creating some more for our students. Check out the video here to help you copy and use them. Try them out and see what your pupils think.

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Watch this video to see how to download and share tests of your own

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