You can also design a flyer as one of your business documents.

A flyer/leaflet should include certain things such as:

  • Name of Organisation/Event
  • An explanation of offer/event
  • Prices
  • Date/s
  • How to access the offer (either an address or number)
Example leaflet for French School Triip
[issuu width=420 height=162 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111020110339-8f1b57a3857d4a968a36ef7735dea897 name=example_leaflet_unit1_ao4 username=amulla tag=ao4 unit=px id=ec4bb0e1-b13c-a6ed-b264-bb0d08f9a981 v=2]
Guide on how to create a leaflet (with the Help of Mr Boyce from Mossbourne Academy)

Look at the examples below. Try to think of ideas about what is good or bad about them.


This seems to be for informational purposes. Maybe something handed out at a doctors surgery. It has big paragraphs with lots of info
This is giving information about an event. All the information such as name, address, price and what will be sold (in other words the music concert) is very clear.
A yard sale. Straight to the point and bold
Clearly this is selling products and not an event. Offer is bold and products have big images as well as prices.
GOOD – Lots of information– Good and basic coloursNEG – Writing may be too small

– What is being advertised is not in bold writing to make it clear.

GOOD – Key information is bold and big– Nice colours and background– images are suitable

NEG – Writing is sometimes hard to see because of background image.

GOOD – big & bold writingNEG – Very little information.

– Boring to look at

– No images

GOOD – Lots of images– Offer is in big& bold writing under the company name.NEG – No company address, website or number

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