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OCR Unit 2 AO2

Creating your website

In this Assessment Objective you will need to create your website pages.
It is important to take the correct steps here otherwise you may run into difficulties later.

At this point you must have designs for all your pages. you will need to use these are a plan to create each page.

Follow the steps below:

1. Create the folders to store your website in. 

You must keep your website organised and download any images, video or sound that may be used in your website into your website folder. See the video below.

2. Graphics for buttons, navigation menu or advertising banner

It is a good idea to create the buttons and any other graphics for your website and save them into your website folder. Remember to stick to any colour scheme mentioned in your housestyle.

Below are 3 links that shows how to create buttons, a navigation bar and an advertising banner. We did this while working on Unit 21.

  1. Creating a navigation bar
  2. Creating a navigation button
  3. Creating an advertising banner

3. Creating a website template

A template is a file that will be used to help you create the each page. On all your pages you will have the same colours, fonts and layout of objects such as your logo, navigation menu etc. A template makes it easy to have all these things in place.

  1. Here is a link to help you create the template.
  2. Creating new pages from your templates
  3. Applying a template to a page you already made

4. Using tables to help you organise your layout

You may need to do this before or at the same time as task 3 (above). Dreamweaver does not allow you to drag images anywhere on the page. Therefore to keep images, text and the layout similar to the way you did your sketches in AO1, you may need to create tables to help keep things in place.

5. Changing Fonts and Font families


6. Changing background colour or adding an image into the background

7. Embedding video from a website like Youtube, Vimeo or other streaming sites


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