OCR Unit 21

Unit 21 is a short unit that involves students reviewing website graphics, making their own sketches and finally to produce them on computer.

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In unit 21, you will need to learn how to use a graphics application such as Adobe Fireworks or a free-ware alternative such as GIMP. You should avoid using MS Paint.

When creating your own graphics you should create a canvas suitable for what you are creating.

Average sizes (in pixels)

  • Web banner – 470 x 60
  • Navigation bar – 500 x 40
  • Navigation buttons – 120 x 50

Use the tutorials on the fireworks page to help you create your graphics.

Below are some pupil portfolios you can have a look at.

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml backgroundcolor=61A900 showflipbtn=true documentid=100630105146-42f929f49f27451993e90a4a8b8f5c7f docname=unit21__sample_portfolio1_ username=amulla loadinginfotext=Unit%2021%20Sample%20Portfolio showhtmllink=true tag=unit%2021 width=420 height=297 unit=px]

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml backgroundcolor=2A5083 showflipbtn=true documentid=100630110523-4f44be31331045d994318dd7f5377a06 docname=unit21__sample_portfolio2_ username=amulla loadinginfotext=Unit%2021%20(Sample%20portfolio2) showhtmllink=true tag=unit%2021 width=420 height=297 unit=px]