Python for GCSE Computing

To help you with the Python skills for the Computing GCSE, click on the links below to help you build the skills you would like to learn more of. Think of this page as a reference for some of the skills you may need when programming in Python. This will not replace the more in depth teaching by your teacher 🙂

Sincerely Mr Mulla 🙂

Displaying text – Lesson 1 – Lesson 2

concatenation – Lesson 1

if statements – Lesson 1 

For Loops – Lesson 1

While Loops – Lesson 1

Writing to files – Lesson 1Lesson 2

Reading from files Lesson 1

Functions Lesson 1

Built in functions:  split()  —  len()  —  strip()

Indexing strings and slicing lesson 1 – indexing Lesson 2


Simple Python references

Above there are activities to help you learn some of the skills required at GCSE level. Below you can see the presentation I often share with my students. It is a simple reference to different skills required at GCSE again.

Click here to open in a new window

Python skills in 60 seconds or less!!!

be sure to check out the short videos on basic Python skills. each video is only around 60 seconds long but aims to cover how to use a Python skill as simple as possible.

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