Setting Homework Using Twitter… A successful experiment

I have recently been experimenting with using twitter in various different ways in my classroom. I had at first attempted to set reading tasks to my GCSE students but realised that it was hard to monitor who had done the reading every lesson as I would usually have class discussions with them about the HW.
I have now started to use the idea with my OCR students and have been setting small tasks related to what I am teaching in order for the students develop their knowledge around what the current topic is.

I have tweeted various tasks for each topic and used a Google doc to store all tweets for future need based on topic that I can then retweet if needed.

I set the HW by putting the tweet code on the interactive white board (IBW). This way students do not have to write out a whole task. Only tweet code provided they have previously been shown how to access the tweets.

Homework on interactive whiteboard
An example of homework on the IWB for students. Sorry about the poor lighting!

Students can access homework in two ways. They can either follow my account whether on a browser or their smartphones, or they can access my twitter feed which is also published on my website,

Learnict Twitter feed Button
The Twitter feed is in the navigation bar for students to easily access
Learnict Twitter feed
Students look through the tweets to find the tweet with their homework code

I have also used Google Docs to create a form that can be used as a way of collecting answers from students who complete my tasks making it easy to monitor who is completing homework if it is not something that can be written into a book. For instance, I searched online for ideas of a scavenge hunt and created a form for students to post results. Answers would need to include URLs for evidence and therefore would need to be marked online.

This has been a great success in my lessons. I would love to hear from you if you have tried it or have any other ideas.

You can email me or get in touch via Twitter on my account.


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