Unit 1 AO3

AO3 is a simple powerpoint presentation. In order to pass this Assessment Objective, you must create a presentation for a new employee at downloadable tunes. The presentation must introduce what the company is about to this new employee. you must have at least 4 slides with images AND text. Your slides could include: Name and more »

Unit 1 AO2

Use this file to help you complete your AO2 assignment Part 1 You need to do some research on the internet. You will be selling newly released albums and singles on the company website downloadabletunes.com. You need to gather some information and images of albums and singles. 1. You need to print screen that you more »

Unit 1 AO6

Business Database The owner of Downloadable Tunes has created an electronic database to record customer details. The database will be used to efficiently store and maintain customer details and to target advertising to specific customer groups. An electronic version of the database is available here (opens in Microsoft Access) – save this to an appropriate more »


A newsletter is a document that is sent out every so often by a business such as every month or every week. In Erith School, pupils receive a newsletter at the end of every half term explaining events and important dates. Businesses often email or send newsletters to a person’s address. The common newsletter will more »


A memo is a short and informal document. It is usually a message that is passed WITHIN a work place betweens members of the workplace. The elements of a memo are usually: to -the person/s the memo is for from -who it is from cc – who else can have a copy to read it more »

Unit 1 AO4

AO4 is all about making business documents for downloadable tunes. You need to create: A BUSINESS LETTER to let customers know about a new offer, A NEWSLETTER making customers aware of current offers, A MEMO letting the manager know that the recent changes requested to the database has been made. One of your documents needs more »

Unit 23 AO2

For this assessment, you only need to design your video. there are 2 files linked below to help you complete this task. (AO2) Video Design Idea This will state your initial idea for a video design.* (AO2) Storyboard – This is another document you need to fill in and print out for your folder. You more »

Unit 23 AO1

In this Assessment objective you must review 2 video clips made by others. At Pass level you only need to mention what is good or bad about them. To achieve a Merit or Distinction you must also go into detail about the aim of the video clip and suggest improvements that could be made. I more »

Unit 21 AO5

The advertising banner which you need to create should contain a mixture of images and text. You must use suitable colours and try to stick to the house style of your sketches. Check out the example banner below and the video of one being made. Remember to check out the Fireworks skills videos for help more »

Unit 21 AO1

For this task you will be collecting graphics from the internet and giving your opinion on them. Use the form below or create your own to document the graphics. Look at the presentation below!!! There are descriptions of what the purpose of certain types of graphics are… You need this for your work!