Unit 1



You can also design a flyer as one of your business documents. A flyer/leaflet should include certain things such as: Name of Organisation/Event An explanation of offer/event Prices Date/s How to access the offer (either an address or number) Example leaflet for French School Triip [issuu width=420 height=162 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=111020110339-8f1b57a3857d4a968a36ef7735dea897 name=example_leaflet_unit1_ao4 username=amulla tag=ao4 unit=px id=ec4bb0e1-b13c-a6ed-b264-bb0d08f9a981 more »


Unit 1 AO5

Business Spreadsheet Every year, companies must produce a set of business accounts. They will do this using a spreadsheet or a special accounting program. For this task you will need to create a spreadsheet for Downloadable Tunes to track their sales and expenditure, which will help them to produce their accounts at the end of more »


Unit 1 AO1

You must complete the following tasks to achieve a pass grade in AO1. Use the template here to complete your work 1 Creating Folders You must show you have created at least 2 directories (folders) to save your work in. Look at the image below to get an idea. 2. Saving files in the correct more »