unit 21


Unit 21 AO6

After creating all of your graphics, you must produce a short presentation in order to show the company you have made your designs for, what you have done for them. Use an application such as PowerPoint to create this presentation. Below is an example a student has created. Another way of presenting your graphics that more »


Unit 21 AO4

You must now create the 3 navigation buttons that you had sketched in AO2. You can use images from the internet and edit them to make your navigation buttons. If you check out the example video, you can see how it can be done.   To see videos on how to use the tools in more »


Unit 21 AO2

To achieve a pass in this Assessment objective, you must draw your own graphics for Flix.com. Flix is the company you will be working for to create graphics for their new website. After looking at the examples you found of graphics in AO1, you must sketch your own graphics for a DVD website. You must more »