The Flipped Classroom

What is the flipped classroom?

Ever needed that extra help in the class or needed your teacher to explain something again? This is where the flipped classroom can help. [More info at the bottom of page-big graphic]

Learn in your own time

Not everyone understands things first time around. And people learn at different speeds.

In the Flipped classroom your teacher will prepare the lesson on video for you to watch in your own time before the lesson or during the lesson if you need something repeated and wanted to hear what your teacher said again.

If you watch part of the lesson at home, it will enable you to spend more time working in the class on your projects.

Also if you understand more about the topic outside of class, your teacher can help you with the questions that you didn’t quite understand in the class.

Get started or work on projects at home

With online software apps such as Google Docs, Zoho and many more (<– click on the link here to see many free online software), you can start your work at home if you wish to get a head start. Better yet, if you feel you are behind in lessons, you can catch up at home using online software and then printing out work at school.

Look for this icon in posts on this website. Any post with this icon either has a video or a soundclip with your teacher explaining how to complete a task.



Flipped Classroom

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