Unit 1 AO2

Use this file to help you complete your AO2 assignment

Part 1

You need to do some research on the internet. You will be selling newly released albums and singles on the company website downloadabletunes.com. You need to gather some information and images of albums and singles.

1. You need to print screen that you have used a search engine such as ask.com, altavista.com or google.co.uk in order to search for new music releases.

  • In your print screens we should see your results of a search in a search engine.
  • You should also collect images of albums and singles which you will use in AO2 part 2 and AO4.
  • You must also make a list of all websites you have visited to collect information.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/06/using-google.flv]

Part 2

To complete this part of AO2 you need to:

  • Create an email & add an attachment to it
  • receive an email
  • reply to an email
  • Save an email attachment & open the file
  • Forward an email
  • Talk about the dangers of email attachments in an email.


1. You will have received an email from your teacher (If not remind him to send it). The email will contain an email attachment.

Print Screen that you have received the email

2. You must print screen yourself saving and opening the email attachment.

3. Reply to the email sent by your teacher. In your message thank him for the email and:

  • Mention why email attachments can be dangerous to open.
  • Explain how you can protect yourself from getting a virus from an email attachment.

Print screen your sent reply

4. Forward the email to a friend and tell him/her that you have received the email from the boss and think it would be useful for him/her to see what was sent also.

Print screen your forwarded email.

5. Create (compose) an email and add 2 people to send it to. attach a document such as an album cover and add a message to explain that you are sending the image so you can get the opinion of the 2 people you are sending it to. You need to know if they think it is suitable to use with the upcoming newsletter.

Print screen your sent email.

AO2 should now be complete.

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