Unit 1 AO4 2010

AO4 is all about making business style formal documents for the French trip.

You need to create:

  1. A FORMAL LETTER to ask parents for permission to allow their child on the French trip,
  2. A NEWSLETTER making parents aware of updates to the trip including possible sight seeing and an itenery, deadlines for payments etc,
  3. A MEMO letting the trip leader (Mr Allen Johnson) know about the completed changes to the hosts database. (In the database task we learn that changes need to be made to the French host families list who are able to host pupils going on the trip)
  4. You may also substitute a Memo or Newletter for a flyer to interest pupils on going on the trip. It must include sight seeing ideas, details about the trip, who they must get in contact with (Mr Johnson) and any other ideas you can think of suitable for a flyer.

One of your documents needs to have an image from more than one source. For example an image from the internet and one from clip art or an image you created/have drawn/photographed.

You also need to print screen that you have spell checked every document.

Click on the links below for guides and examples.

Business Card

 Creating a formal letter video



Creating a Business Card video

Creating a leaflet video

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