Unit 21 AO5

The advertising banner which you need to create should contain a mixture of images and text. You must use suitable colours and try to stick to the house style of your sketches.

Check out the example banner below and the video of one being made. Remember to check out the Fireworks skills videos for help using the Fireworks tools.

This advertising banner was designed by a student.








To create the advertising banner, you need to use a graphics application such as Adobe Fireworks or a freeware application such as GIMP.

Below are a list of useful links with Video tutorials to get used to using Fireworks.

Also there are examples of advertising banners for you to see.

Fireworks tutorials by Video-Tutes.com

Fireworks effects by FireTutes.com

Fireworks tutorials by Entheos Web

Fireworks tutorials by Tutorialized

Fireworks tutorials by DesignM

Fireworks tutorials by JoyceJevans

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