2010 – Unit 1-AO3

Task 3: Design and create a business presentation to accompany a talk on the use of email in business

In preparation for the students’ work experience, the organisers of the French trip want to ensure that all students understand how to use email appropriately and effectively in a business context. You have been asked to use presentation software to prepare a presentation that will be delivered to all the students participating in the trip. 

Design and create a presentation of at least five slides about the appropriate use of email in business contexts. You must include suitable text and graphics in your presentation. The graphics could be screenshots taken from email software. Your presentation must cover:


  1. sending an email message to more than one recipient
  2. appropriate use of Forward (FW:/FWD:) and Reply (RE:)
  3. using appropriate subjects and message text in all emails, including adding appropriate text to replies and forwarded emails
  4. sending, receiving, saving and opening email attachments safely
  5. the risks of receiving and opening email attachments
  6. actions that could be taken to reduce the risks of opening email attachments. (Distinction only)

 You can click on the download button and use the template to help complete this task.


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