Task 2: Search for and store information from the internet

Part 1 (of 2)

Use a search engine and suitable search criteria to find information on the internet about the costs of different options for the planned trip (eg transport options – train/boat/ferry/plane, sightseeing possibilities/places of interest, evening activities in Paris etc).

Take screenshots of the websites you have found as evidence and explain your findings in a word document.

 Unit 1 - AO2 Part 1
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1. Look for prices of 3 attractions

2. Look for prices of 2 methods of travelling to Paris (such as coach, train or plane)





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You should also download and use the table below to document what websites you have been on to find the information.

Higher Marks

  • Show that you have used favourites/bookmarks to store useful links (Merit)
  • Organise your favourites/bookmarks into folders. (Distinction)
  • explain the copyright issues relating to the use of source material from the internet for business use
  • comment on the trustworthiness of each source you used (Merit)
  • comment on the validity of each source you used by considering the trustworthiness of the source and how up-to-date the information is on each site you have used. (Distinction)

Task 2 – Using email in a business environment

Part 2 (of 2)

For this task, your teacher will send you an email to your school email address.

To gain a pass you need to show screenshot evidence that you can perform particular tasks correctly.

To complete this part of AO2 you need to:

  • Create an email & add an attachment to it
  • receive an email
  • reply to an email
  • Save an email attachment & open the file
  • Forward an email
  • Talk about the dangers of email attachments in an email.


You can use the following file to help you present your work. Click the Download button.

1. You will have received an email from your teacher (If not remind him to send it). The email will contain an email attachment.

Print Screen that you have received the email

2. You must print screen yourself saving and opening the email attachment.

3. Reply to the email sent by your teacher. In your message thank him for the email and:

  • Mention why email attachments can be dangerous to open.
  • Explain how you can protect yourself from getting a virus from an email attachment.

Print screen your sent reply

4. Forward the email to a friend and tell him/her that you have received the email from your teacher and think it would be useful for him/her to see what was sent also.

Print screen your forwarded email.

5. Create (compose) an email and add 2 people to send it to. attach a document such as an album cover and add a message to explain that you are sending the image so you can get the opinion of the 2 people you are sending it to. You need to know if they think it is suitable to use with the upcoming newsletter.

Print screen your sent email.

You can also look at this document below to see how your work could be annotated.

[issuu layout=http%3A%2F%2Fskin.issuu.com%2Fv%2Fcolor%2Flayout.xml backgroundcolor=0C0000 showflipbtn=true documentid=100930104302-202620ef1590402ea31f8454bbbc6382 docname=annotations_-_email_task username=amulla loadinginfotext=OCR%20L2%20Unit%201%20Email%20task%20(AO2) showhtmllink=true tag=unit%201 width=420 height=297 unit=px]

AO2 should now be complete.

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