New Curriculum SOW (2014-15 and onwards)

With the changes in the new curriculum, I have put together a new SOW which I think incorporates all of the requirements for KS3 computer science.

The emphasis is no doubt on computer science and raising problem solving skills but the change in curriculum gives us an opportunity to further explore new trends in technology and the web as it emerges. I have included a unit to help develop digital literacy while also developing team work by having a unit on collaborative project work through using online tools to complete the tasks.

I hope to develop students’ ability to solve problems independently and develop research skills that involve more than finding something on Google and pasting the answer. The idea for this came from an interesting article about developing inference in students when conducting research. [see here]

Any feedback is welcome 🙂

UPDATE 04/2016 :I have updated the original SoW that I had uploaded in 2014. I have updated the grid below as a result.

KS3 Computing SoW overview & Outcomes (2016 onwards) (722 downloads)
 (2016 Version)

KS3-CS-SOW-outline-for-2014.docx (776 downloads)
(Older Version)



Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5 Term 6
Year 7 PW and areasetup,E-safety,Algorithms & Flowcharts Visual
Coding (Scratch)
Yr7-Scratch-resources (887 downloads)
The resources are not all my own. I have adapted the great resources from of Laurence James. All credit to him really!

Introdfuction to dreamweaver and creating a basic multi page site

Basic Programming project.
Graphics editing,(Album, game or Movie Covers)

Resources with or without videos. You could always link the videos from my YouTube channel.

With videos 
Year 7 Term 6 (with videos) (501 downloads)

Without videos 
Year 7 Term 6 (Without Videos) (475 downloads)

Year 8 ComputerSystems,Intro to H/W,S/W and OS,Dismantle and build PCs Database Project Spreadsheet project Python
Programming BasicsPython Quiz Project
Year 8 Term 4 Python Quiz Project (5287 downloads)
HTML project where students design a website for:

– Reviewing films, books and games.

We are
what we eat graphics project
Year 9 Computational
Thinking and problem solvingA SoW I created to get students to create a board game and learn algorithms, abstraction and decomposition at the same time.
Year9 Term1 Computational thinking (705 downloads)
Makinga phone/ tablet game using Game Salad

GameSalad resources (992 downloads)

Project for a website,(Follow a project like OCR unit 21)
HTML project
with previously produced graphics. Also learn to make a website using HTML & CSS tags.
Python Programming Project – Learning to programme and create a text based fighting fantasy game. Creating a wiki or blog to explain what computer hardware and software is.

A blog could include reviews or video/audio podcast style explanations

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