You have recently been appointed as an administrative officer at your school. The French Department has asked you to help them organise a five-day educational trip to Paris for the Year 11 French option students. All the students participating in the trip will spend three days working in the office of a French school and will have two days to see the sights of Paris. It is anticipated that between 20 and 25 students and 5 staff will participate in the trip. All students will be at least 16 years old on the date of the planned trip. Accommodation will be with French families.
You have been asked to research:

  • sightseeing options
  • evening activities
  • transport options
  • costs

You will need to prepare a range of documents for the staff and students to assist in the organisation of the trip. These will include a presentation, a range of word-processed and/or desktop published documents and a spreadsheet. You will also update and use a database to find specific information.
You will need to design the layout of all the documents you create (including the presentation and the spreadsheet), however, it is not necessary for you to provide evidence of the designs as these will be seen in the completed documents.
It is important that you read all of the assignment, before you begin any work, so that you are familiar with the requirements of each task. The work that you do in Task 1 will be used in Task 4, and the research that you do in Task 2 will provide information that will use in Tasks 4 and 5.

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In order for you to produce your work correctly, you must know how to correctly present your work. Watch the video below to get an idea of how to present your work correctly.