Unit 3 is about digital imaging. A it is fun unit where students get a chance to work on some graphic design.








Unit 3 Brief

You are working for a film company called ‘New Moon productions’ (NMP).
You will be working on creating various graphics for NMP for this unit.
NMP is a fairly new film company and having secured contracts for a few big films due for release in the near future, are looking to create have the graphics and media department in the office create some eye catching graphics to help strengthen the brand of the company.
Over the course of the unit, You will need to create:
  • a logo for NMP,
  • A business card,
  • A map of where the company is situated and
  • A DVD cover for the latest Superman blockbuster that the company is working on, ‘Man of Steel’.
You will need to create these using an appropriate graphics editor.
In order to complete the above tasks you must first carry out some research into different kinds of graphics and plan the designs for each of the required graphics by sketching them first.