Python – Writing to a text file (Lesson 1)

In Python we can write to a text file by using Python code to open and write the file. Today’s lesson comes with some help from a few WWF stars (my childhood pastime).

Opening a file is easy in Python.

The open function will open a file or create one if it doesn’t exist in the directory you save the Python script.

The code below shows you how to refer to a file name in a variable.

file = open("filename.txt", "w")

We can then add text by using the write function.
You must always close a file when finished.

file = open('filename.txt', 'w') # This line opens a text file for writing (w).
file.write('Ted Dibiase') # The previous line created a variables to open a file. This line refers to opening a file and writing a line inside it.
file.write('Terry Bollea') # What does this line do?
file.close() # This line closes the file that was opened.

Task 1 Now it’s your turn. in the Python window below type some code so that some names are added to the text file. Add 5 wrestler names using a new line for each name. If you dont know any wrestler names list 5 Michael Jackson songs, 5 Beatles songs or if you are a complete loser, names reality TV shows.

 Does a text file appear in the Python interpreter window? Check if the names appear in the text file. 

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  1. Best lesson I was ever taught about computer science. I enjoyed the whole hulk hogan theme and in general the appearance of this website is very appealing and well done.

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