Check out our Basic video tutorials to get you started with Fireworks.


Fireworks is an advanced graphics design application. It can be used to create some amazing images for your coursework but it does take some practice to get good at!

Below are a list of tutorials which will help you master the application and create the kind of images you may see on websites and magazines.

If you are using a free-ware application such as GIMP, you can us the tutorials on this page.


This video will help to teach you how to use basic shapes in Fireworks.
Using colours and fills
Using effects
How to add text
How to crop a document
How to remove the background from a document
How to make a silhouette
How to save your interactive graphics using Fireworks HTML in order for them to function correctly in Dreamweaver.
How to create a basic animation using Fireworks CS4.


here are various tutorials found online which may help you create the look you want. These are advanced tutorials which may take you some time to complete in some cases.

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