Unit 1 AO1

You must complete the following tasks to achieve a pass grade in AO1.

Use the template here to complete your work

1 Creating Folders

You must show you have created at least 2 directories (folders) to save your work in. Look at the image below to get an idea.

These are folders created to save ICT project work in

2. Saving files in the correct folders and using correct file names

Here you can see that the Spreadsheet work which is an AO5 is in the AO5 folder. Also the file names used in the folder makes it clear what the files are.

3. Password protect files

password protecting 1
In this screenshot, it shows how to password protect.
password protecting 2
In this screenshot it shows that the file has been closed and a password is required to open it.

4.Find and open a file you have saved previously

show how you have taken these steps:

Each screen shot shows how I have found and opened a file.

5. Copy a file onto a pen drive

Show the pen drive before and after a file has been copied onto it.

6.Create a short-cut to 1 file and 1 folder

Below are 2 shortcuts. Both files were seen earlier when finding a file from my AO5 folder.

[local /wp-content/uploads/2010/05/creating-folders.flv]

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  1. Hello Mr Mulla & who ever is looking at this message. I really do like this website thing, it shows pupils how to succesfully complete A01. iT WAS REALLY HELPFUL. thanks 🙂

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