Unit 1 AO6

Business Database

The owner of Downloadable Tunes has created an electronic database to record customer details. The database will be used to efficiently store and maintain customer details and to target advertising to specific customer groups.

An electronic version of the database is available here (opens in Microsoft Access) – save this to an appropriate place in your folder. You will need to use it to complete this task.

You can use the following powerpoint presentation to help you complete your work to pass standard

Produce screenshots to show you have completed each task in a blank word document.


Enter the following customer details into the database:

Initial Surname Address1 Address2 Address3 Postcode Age
M Khan 31 Haystings Close York YO4 2TT 14
The first screenshot shows the orginal database with no changes made to it. The 2nd screenshot shows that M. Khan has been entered into the database.

“A Smith” has been asked to be removed from the database – delete this record.

This screenshot shows that A. Smith has been removed from the database.

“T Park” had remarried and is now “T Forrest”. Amend this record to reflect this change.

This screenshot shows that T Park has been edited and is now T Forrest.
Create a query to show all customers that live in “Leeds”.

This screenshot shows the criteria I have entered to filter all members of the database from Leeds. Here are the results for the query showing all members from Leeds.
Click here to see a video on how to create a query in Access.

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